Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Word of the day - Quaffable

Good afternoon lovelies,

Now, I don't drink wine at all, but I was passing through the wine department at the supermarket and this little bottle with its tag caught my eye:

Do you see what it says there? That this wine is "effortlessly quaffable." Quaffable is certainly a word that I had not heard used with wine, nor a word that I had heard of ever. 

Quaffable...what does that mean? So of course, I googled. And quaffable means, essentially, to drink something in large gulps. So this wine can be gulped down apparently, because it is just so damn delicious. 

But I think quaffable could be better used elsewhere, as typically one sips wine and does not, well, quaff it?
So my hot chocolate is rather quaffable, and even more quaffable when my husband makes it because hot drinks always taste way better when made by someone else. 
My favorite drink is Lemon Lime and Bitters, which I quaffed down (that does not sound right) at dinner last night.

So your challenge this week is to use the word quaffable in a sentence! Or better yet, comment below with your funny sentence using the word quaffable.


J.C Lemon xx


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